How To Cook Fried Egusi Soup With Tomatoes.

We have over 800+ different kinds of Locally made soups in Nigeria, I have no doubt to say that Egusi Soup is the most popular amongst them.

It is supper and mildly sweet, with the abundant oil from the egusi seeds and this frying method giving rise to its awesome taste especially when prepared with goat meat.

Barely would you hear anyone speaking of their favourite soups and you won’t hear egusi soup mentioned? It is so simple to prepare and straight forward unlike some fried Egusi recipe.

If there must be a soup you need to learn how to makke as a man or a Woman, please start with Egusi. Meanwhile, don’t just move an inche, we have a guideline on to make the Egusi Soup you’re seeing in the picture below.

This is an Exceptional Egusi soup recipe. How do you prepare your Egusi soup? Have you done this 👉👉 method before? In fact, what are you waiting for? Just give it a try and thank us later…😋😋😋

What Is Egusi Soup Made Of?

 Egusi soup is a soup prepared with the ground seeds of Mellon and traditional in West Africa. We have as well written a post about what Egusi soup was made of. It is also one of the most common soups valued by Nigerians and non-Nigerians.

The Yorubas makes efo elegusi, the Igbos makes their own egusi in different ways ( with Achi and oso). In Hausa Egusi soup is called miyan sushi. All these recipes have similar ingredients but with slightly different approaches.

Ingredients for this delicious soup.

  1. Ground egusi
  2. Goatmeat 🐐
  3. Cooked cow kpomo
  4. Sweet palm oil
  5. Fresh tomatoes
  6. Bell pepper or shombo
  7. Uziza leaf and bitter leaf
  8. Onion
  9. Ground crayfish
  10. Stock fish and bonga fish.
  11. Mivina spice (optional)
  12. Fresh pepper
  13. Seasoning cubes and salt

How To Cook Egusi Soup Frying Method

  • Goatmeat: When you come back from the market or if you have any in the fridge, wash properly by removing excess fat, wash it for at least 2-3 times. Put it inside your cooking pot then, cover and set aside.
  • Fresh tomatoes and Bell pepper: Cut the bell peppers then, remove their seeds. Wash the fresh Grind and cut some. Cover and set them aside.
  • Stockfish: Soak the stockfish head and allow for about 4-6 minutes. Wash it for at least 2-3 times and If you are using the flesh, pour in hot water and allow for only a minute. Wash and put it inside your cooking pot. The way cooking works is that anything that has the same cooking time can be cook together.
  • Onion: Peel the onion back, wash and slice it.
  • Dried fish🐟 : Debone the dried 🎏 fish, wash it and set aside.

How To Cook Egusi Soup For Party.

  1. Season the meat, Add it to the goaground crayfish, pepper, mivina and seasoning cubes to taste. Add a little bit of water 💦 cover and allow to boil.
  2. Add in half of the chopped onion, cover and cook for 5-6 minutes. Add in salt and cook till tender.
  3. Rinse your frying pan, set it on high heat and allow the water to dry up. Add the cooking oil, permit to get hot.

We Have Other Delicious Egusi Soup You Might Love To Try.

  • Efo elegusi soup
  • Egusi soup with Achi
  • Akpuruakpu eegusi
  • Achara

How to cook Egusi soup with bitter leaf.

  • Add in diced onion, the ground fresh tomatoes and pepper. Fry till the tomatoes liquid dried. Mix the ground egusi with water in a soup bowl again, pour in the mixture stir, cover and allow to cake.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and pepper stir and allow to fry for another 3 mins, pour in the fried egusi directly to your cooking pot.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and pepper stir and allow to fry for another 3 mins, pour in the fried egusi directly to your cooking pot.
  • Cover it and enable to cook. Now turn the soup, add the washed bitter leaf, stir, and cover to cook for at least 2 mins.
  • Add your chopped uziza leaves and stir it, cover and allow to cook for another 2-3 mins. Bring it down and serve hot with fufu and thank me later.
  • Cover it and enable to cook. Now turn the soup and add your chopped uziza stir it, cover and allow to cook for about 2 mins. Bring it down and serve hot with fufu and thank me later.

Egusi without Fresh Tomatoes


  1. Onion: Peel and wash the onion properly then slice it and keep.
  2. Fresh pepper: Wash and blend the fresh pepper, cover and set aside.
  3. seasoning cubes and salt: Just get them ready
  4. Goat meat, stockfish, dried fish, ground crahfish, fresh fish and kpomo: season it with chopped onion, mivina spice (optional), seasoning cubes, fresh ground pepper. Stir, add water and cook till tender.
  5. Sweet palm oil : Bring the oil into your kitchen and set aside.
  6. Uziza leaf: Select and wash it properly then cut it very tiny, cover it and set aside.
  7. Water leaf (kirikiri water leaf): pick and wash it. Put them inside a sieve and allow the water to drain before use.

How To Blend Egusi With Water.

  • Get your Egusi
  • Blender
  • Water

How to cook Egusi soup with lumps.

  • Rinse your electric blender very well and be careful put in a little portion of the egusi then, blend till paste. Do the same to others till you are completely done.
  • You can as well grind Egusi with onion and fresh pepper. The same way we use to grind beans for moimoi.
  • Set your pan on low heat, add palm and allow to heat. Add chopped onion if you didn’t blend together with the Egusi, then enable to fry for about a minute, you can now pour in the ground Egusi. Fry for about 4-5mins.
  • But if grinding together with onion and pepper just pour it inside the hot oil like that and cook.
  • Add in the cooked meat, stir and adjust seasoning if necessary. and cook till done. Put the chopped uziza leaf, stir and cook for at least 2 mins.
  • Put the water leaf stir, cover and allow to heat. Bring it down and don’t forget to serve hot with any swallow of your choice.

I’m convinced you will definitely try out this Egusi recipe, you just can’t afford not to. Do recall to give us a feedback when you do. Don’t forget to “Share” this recipe with your family and friends.

Is Egusi The Same As Pumpkin Seed.

Egusi and pumpkin seed are not the same thing. There is a big difference. Egusi seed is very small while, pumpkin seed is actually bigger than Egusi seed. But both germinate and grow alike. We have also written a post about Egusi seed

  • Egusi seed is in a class of their own and should not be mistaken as pumpkin seed. Pumpkin seed can be eating without grinding. (Boil and eat).
  • Pumpkin seed produces a leaf used in cooking different kinds of delicacies.

Other Nigerian SoupRecipes.

Egusi with tin tomatoes.

It very simple and straightforward. Steam your meat, fry the tin tomatoes with palm oil and onion, pour in your blended egusi, fry it for about 4-5 mins. Bring it down and set aside.

Set the cooked meat on a medium heat. Pour in the fried egusi to stock, cover and allow to boil.

Adjust seasoning if needed, stir and allow to cook till done. Serve this soup hot with confirm pounded yam or potato swallo


Easy method of cooking Egusi soup with fresh tomatoes (frying method) we have narated them. If you want to get a part, lumpy, delicious and tasty Egusi soup kindly get all the required ingredients ready.

Ingredients necessary: blended egusi, chopped onion, ground crahfish, fresh tomatoes, meat, kpomo, stockfish, fresh fish, dried fish, palm oil, uziza leaf seasoning cubes, salt to taste etc.

Then follow our step by step guide her and make an amazing and sumptuous😋 Egusi soup for yourself and family.

Don’t forget to like, share to your friends and as well share your experience while preparing it at home here and we will appreciate🤗🤗. You are loved now and always. Don’t forget to come back for our new recipes.

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