How To Cook Efo Riro With Green Leaf/Spinach

Efo Riro which simply means stired vegetable. How to cook Efo Riro with green leaf/spinach was actually originated from the South-Western part of Nigeria.

It is well recognized for its savoury aroma and richness like Edikang ikong aoup

Seriously, how to cook Efo Riro with green leaf/spinach was an issue for me and funniest part of was that this soup is very nutritious and easy to prepare and loved by many.

I have been suggesting to make this Efo Riro vegetable soup since eternities, but I couldn’t see where I can learn it and the particular leaf to use. I was so confused.

But here comes June 2020 with the arrival of my delicious and sumptuous Efo Riro stew. I was actually thought by a Yoruba friend.

He prepared this delicious meal for me and I watched him back to back. After making this food… Guess what? It was dope🤭🤭.

The subsequent day, I went to the market got the necessary ingredients for this Efo Riro and gave it a try and it came out well.

Since that day we have been cooking this particular vegetable soup for at least 2 times in a week. Ask me why😍

If you are looking for how to cook Efo Riro, look no more. Let me shock you!! You are at the right place. We have here a step by step procedures on how to cook a delicious Efo Riro.

We have also written a post on Afang soup and Efo Elegusi. You can still check them out and see an awesome recipes.

Ingredients For Efo Riro Stew/Soup

  1. spinach or Green vegetable
  2. Fresh pepper and Tomatoes
  3. Onion
  4. Snail
  5. Sweet palm oil
  6. Ground crayfish
  7. Dried prawn (optional)
  8. Goatmeat
  9. Dried fish
  10. Locust bean
  11. Seasoning cubes
  12. Salt


Spinach or Green: Pick and wash the vegetable properly, put the cut veggies in a sieve, set aside to drain water.

How To Cook Efo Riro In Nigeria.

  • If you want to cook Efo Worowo, firstly, preheat the palm oil, immediately the it gets hot, add your chopped onion.
  • Add your ground pepper and tomatoes, then fry till the sauce is well thickened and the oil floats on top the sauce.
  • Don’t forget to stir continuously to prevent it from burning.
  • Add stock cubes, salt, your ground crayfish and the locust bean. Stir together in order to combine all the ingredients.
  • Add in your cooked meat, Dried fish🐟, cooked kpomo and Prawns. Fry together for at least 5 minutes.
  • Put in the beef stock just to lighten up the sauce a little bit. If not your vegetable will be watery.
  • Now mix together, cover and allow to come to simmer for at least 2-3 mins. Uncover, stir very well then, put the chopped vegetable.
  • Stir and adjust seasoning if needed. Lower the heat and allow it simmer for at least 2 mins.
  • Bring it down and serve hot with any swallow of your choice.

How To Prepare Yoruba Efo Riro Soup.

Do you want to cook Efo iro the Yoruba way, it is very significant if you use locust beans and enough fresh pepper, dried fish and palm oil.

Every other stuff you decide to add after the core ingredients just rounds off it. Furthermore, you need coarsely chopped pepper to bring about the vegetable soup.

Cook your meat, add the necessary things cover and cook till all the meats becomes tender. Fry your tomatoes with your red oil.

Pour it inside the stock. Cover and allow to steam.When done, add the chopped vegetables, stir, cover and allow to steam. Bring it down and serve with any swallow of your choice .

Is Locust Bean Compulsory In This Soup?

Yea, very important, but if for any purpose you can’t, therefore eliminate it from the record of ingredients.

Ensure the mixture (base) is adequately fried and as well obtain a flavorful vegetable soup.

Can I Add Meat To This Soup?

Yes you can. It gives your meal a flavorful taste and as well make your food to be nutritious and not just that, meats inside your Efo Riro makes it more Enjoyable.

What To Eat With Efo Riro.

Efo Riro can be eating with Eba, boiled yam, white rice, fried or boiled plantain, pounded yam or fufu.

Best Time To Eat Efo Riro

This soup cooked with spinach or green leafy (Efo Riro)is a delicious meal normally prepared with a lot of meats.

It is a vegetable soup prepare with Green vegetable or spinach. Efo Riro gets cold easily and best eating at night immediately after preparation.

What Is Efo In English?

Efo simply means Spinach or Green leafy. Then, Riro means to stir. Edo Riro simply means stirred leafy vegetable.

What Is Spinach Called in Nigeria.

Yes there are various types of spinach. The particular one Nigerians love using is the African spinach.

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