How To Make Party Jollof Rice Nigeria/(Ingredients For Cooking half bag of Rice).

How to Cook Party Jollof Rice Without Parboiling the Rice /Tips to Get the Red Colour Jollof

You can cook jollof rice without parboiling it, this method is one of the great ways of making rice without it turning to pap (soaking it with hot water). I tried this method and it turned out really nice and I thought to share with my readers.

Nigerian party jollof rice is one popular rice dish that I can’t even compare to ordinary rice dishes, it is very tasty, aromatic and colourful.

Other countries like Ghana and Senegal have their own version of jollof rice, but I feel this Nigerian party jollof rice stands out when it comes to taste and look.

This is not magnification, but an easy reality and I will love to share my own directions on how to accomplish this excellent jollof rice.

However, if you’re making this rice see the ingredients and follow the steps below and you will achieve that party jollof rice colour.

Ingredients For Cooking Half bag Jollof rice.

  1. 25 kg rice (six custard rubber)
  2. 4-8 litres litre of a very rich meat stock, depending on the quantity of meat used
  3. 1 and half of 2200g of tin tomatoes (largest size)
  4. 10 bulb of onions
  5. Ginger aand garlic for steaming meat.
  6. 1/2 cup of natural spice ground (optional)
  7. Cow bone (that strong part or biscuit bone)seasoned and boiled.
  8. 1/2 custard rubber of bonga fish ground
  9. 8 pieces bay leaf, tiger curry powder and thyme.
  10. 1 and half packets of knorr chicken stock cube
  11. 1 baking cup of maggi chicken powder
  12. 1 bog sachet of kitchen glory stock powder
  13. 1 big sachet sweet mama or spicity stock powder
  14. 2 dustbin rubber of fresh tomatoes
  15. Half custard rubber of habanero pepper
  16. 1 dustbin rubber of very fresh shombo or tatashi
  17. 3 and half litres of vegetable oil ( some thing close to one custard rubber
  18. 3 and half litres of vegetable oil ( some thing close to one custard rubber
  19. 250g butter, I prefer topper butter
  20. 10 custard rubber of water including meat stock
  21. to taste Little salt
  22. Note: Add all the seasonings and taste before adding salt
  23. Ingredients for garnishing (optional)

Steps on how to make perfect party jollof rice

Step by step guide on how to make dried jollof rice.

  • Pour water inside a big pot and set it on a high heat. Wash the rice with a big for at least 3 times, sieve the water out and set aside with a big bowl.
  • When tthe water boils, pour it inside use big turning stick and stir then, cover and allow for at least 10-15 mins.
  • Wash it off and set aside for use.
  • Blend your tomatoes, shombo and pepper then boil to dry off the water
  • Next, set your oil on a high heat then, add diced onion and fry quickly in a little hot fat.
  • At this juncture mix the tin tomatoes with water then fry, frying your tin tomatoes first helps to reduce it’s acidic taste, fry till dry then add the fresh tomatoes and fry as well.

How to cook delicious party jollof rice.

While frying, put the bay leaf, curry powder, thyme then stock cube and stock powder and fry till dry. Note: once you add the stock cube it starts to burn so avoid add it till it’s almost fried dried

  • Add the meat stock, bone water, top it ordinary water if necessary. Put in the bonga fish.

Note: your meat stock is part of your water, at this point taste and adjust seasoning if necessary then, allow to boil.

  • Add the washed rice to the boiling pot, stir with a big wooden stick, put the cow bone, sprinkle the natural spice then, cover to start cooking.
  • Once it starts to cook, reduce the heat after sometime to reduce burning then stir at interval till cooked
  • When it’s almost dried and you noticed that is not cooked, cover with a sack then place the pot lid, reduce the heat again and allow it steam for about fifteen to twenty minutes then open and stir then dish into your coolers.
  • But if it still have water and you noticed that is cooked, use turning stick and put up the rice so that those water will go down. Lower the heat then, cover the pot and allow the water to dry.
  • Note: to keep your food warm for events all day, pour hot water into your cooler then cover for about thirty minutes, pour it out before dishing your food into the cooler, that will help keep your food hot all day.

Serve your party jollof rice with baked or fried chicken and a chilled drinks. Bon appetit!

Note 1: This is my little secret I use when preparing Nigerian jollof rice especially when I want to get that perfect red party jollof rice colour. In order to get that perfect redness, follow our guide.

Note2: I use plenty of paprika (red bell peppers/tatashe), enough of fresh tomatoes and as well tomato paste. If you use only paprika, your rice will turn out very dry.

This is because paprika (bell pepper) isnt really juicy as fresh tomato and if you use only tomato, it will not give the rice that redness that you need so, it is best you combine both paprika and tomato to make this.

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What is the best rice to use for jollof rice.

Any rice can serve but long grain rice will give you that party jollof rice look and taste especially when use basmati rice, marona benz or mama gold rice.

What do you eat rice with?

  1. Fried chicken 🍗
  2. Fried meat
  3. Chilled zobo
  4. Sugar can juice
  5. Salad
  6. Cool water

Jollof rice secret ingredient

Yes some are still looking for that ingredients they can use to get a part jollof rice taste. It is very simple and available here. Used and testified.

Why don’t you follow me and give it a try 😏 and see a superb jollof rice.

Here are the ingredients

  1. Cow meat bone
  2. Bay leaf
  3. Blended bonga fish
  4. Natural spice
  5. Fresh tomatoes and shombo
  6. Onion and spicity
  7. Tin tomatoes

Is jollof rice bad?

No this is because jollof rice is been cooked with different things both fresh tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cow bone onion even with sea fish.

Yes it has an extremely healthy sauce. Secondly, it has the lowest calorie count of all rice meals. 300g of Jollof rice = 296 calories.

My step by step guide on how to get a party jollof rice for. I made this delicious jollof rice during my sister’s wedding. Guess what?

It was superb…my secret ingredients are cow bone, Bay leaf, Blended bonga fish, Natural spice, Fresh tomatoes and shombo, Onion, spicity and big tinned tomatoes.


Just give it a try by following our step by step guide. Please avoid the mistakes if you want to get a perfect party jollof rice.

Don’t forget to like and comment on the comment section. Share to your friends as well if you love our recipe. You are loved always 💞💞

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