How To Make Kunu Drink (Step By Step Guide).

Hi! Welcome to our platform. Guessed you are here for our kunu recipe. The procedure is very simple and straight forward.

Kunu is an outstanding drink especially for the Northerners. It is a kind of Nigerian drink made with grains of millet, sweet potatoes, cloves etc. Depending on the type you.

Kunu is highly nourishing, seriously, this drink contains protein, minerals as well as vitamins. It can be served alongside with banana bread, meatpie or puffpuf.

Kunu drink is good for children and adults. This is because it contains natural ingredients. No preservative and chemicals too.

Types of kunu.

  1. Kunu zaki
  2. Kunu gyada
  3. Kunu gayamba
  4. Kunu stamina
  5. Kunu akamu

What is kunu drink made of?

  • 3 cups of Millet
  • 2 cups of Water
  • Sweet potato
  • 2 average gingers;
  • 1 table spoon Cloves
  • Sugar to taste.

How to make kunu with millet and sweet potato.

  • Pour water into a bowl, put in your millets and allow the unnecessary particles to rise up, if there is stone, the soaking of the water enables the stones to remain on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Scoop the floating particulars, transfer the millet to another clean bowl leaving dregs on the bottom. Pour in water to the millet and leave over night.
  • Сut very small cloves, ginger and sweet potato. Mix soaked millets, diced ginger, sweet potato and cloves, place into a blender and blend all the ingredients.
  • Split up the made combination into two equal parts and set aside for later use. Boil water with your kettle, pour the boiled water into one of the separated mixture, then stir altogether. Cover and allow to cool.

kunu drink recipe.

  • Cover and allow to cool. Now it is a high time for the second part of the separated mixture, pour it inside the other one, add in water to the mixture, stir exclusively, and leave overnight.
  • It should be a little bit watery. In the morning or at noon you need to filter it and add sugar, depending on your taste. Refrigerate and serve cooled.

Health benefits of kunu.

  1. Kunu promote a strong digestive system.
  2. It fights cancer.
  3. Kunu helps to prevent rheumatoid arthritis.


This drink is worth trying. Get your ingredients ready, follow our directions here and get yourself and family a delightful kunu drink.

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