Top 10 cake baking problems fixed.

Baking an excellent cake is still a foreign dream for many. If you are person who encounters cake baking difficulties, worry no more.

Yes, it is true that baking doesn’t always go as planned.

Sometimes, you may want to make a nice fluffy cake πŸŽ‚at the end of the whole thing, it turns out to be a dense block that barely resembles a cake.

Yes I can remember one of my roommate then that hosted program on how to make cake, puff puff, egg roll, chin chin, shawarma, etc.

There first day of making egg roll, after doing all the necessary things now to fry. She added the egg roll in a very hot oil to fry, after some minutes, the whole thing scattered, the egg was one side then, the flour on it’s own too.

Yes πŸ‘she is an expert when it comes to all this things but it happened to her.

So, that was while we brought to you those simple mistakes that can easily lead you to that kind of tension. So that you can easily avoid them and as well get your desired cake.

Alright let’s get started πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

What causes a cake to shrink after baking?

What Are The Common Cake Problems And Their Causes?

  1. My cake has peaked in the middle and is cracked:
  • This happens when there’s too much raising agent.
  • The cake tin’s too small or the oven temperature is too high.

2. My cake has a gooey centre:

  • The cake hasn’t been cooked for lengthy enough. When you inspect the cake before taking it out of the oven.
  • A skewer should come out neat and the cake should feel the same in the middle as it does around the edges.

What Is Wrong With My Cake?

3. My cake is overcooked and thin but the texture is good.

  • This happens when the cake tin is too big.

4. My cake is flat and has large air bubbles on the top:

  • This could be because the cake didn’t go into the oven as soon as the mixture was finished
  • The oven wasn’t hot sufficiently when the cake went in.

5. My cake has worsened in the middle:

  • There are three main purposes for this, the oven door has been opened before the cake has set.
  • The cake didn’t go in the oven as soon as the mixture was ready.
  • There’s too much raising agent.

What Are Some Failures In Baking A Cake.

6. The sides of my cake are crunchy or burnt:

  • One problem, lots of feasible reasons. Too much fat has been used to grease the tin. The cake tin’s not sufficiently lined.
  • The oven’s too hot, or the cake’s been left in the oven for too long, It contains a fat not suitable for baking.

7. I can’t get my cake out of the tin:

  • Make sure your baking tin is well lined. You can’t go bad with baking parchment on the base and around the sides of your tin.
  • Use a smear of butter on the inside of the tin to glue the parchment in place.

Common Baking Problems

8. My cake is very dense.

  • This could be because the cake mixture hasn’t had enough air beaten into it,
  • The eggs were added too quickly and curdled there’s not enough raising agent.

9. My cake has spilled over the sides of the tin:

  • The cake tin is too small. It’s always best to use the tin size stated in the recipe.
  • If you don’t, avoid filling the tin more than three-quarters full and adjust cooking times accordingly.

10. My cake is burnt on top but still isn’t cooked in the centre

  • This happens when the cake tin is too small.


While these cake baking difficulties can be  dishearten, they all have simple fixes that will guarantee your cakes come out faultlessly.

Baking cakes truly is an art, a science but also an abundance of fun. Of course, they are wholly worth the effort when you bite into an impeccably baked cake.

What I’m saying in essence is that, for you to give out an awesome cake, you have to absence from all the things listed here.

Baking an excellent cake is still a foreign dream for many. If you are person who encounters cake baking difficulties, worry no mor.

We have found out at least 10 mistakes that can easily surfaced in during your cake making. So avoid them and you will never regret any more.

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