How To Make Calaba Banga Soup (Easy Guide)

Hi! Welcome to our platform. Guess you are here for this sumptuous Banga soup recipe. We got your back🤗. Trust me a visit to this platform will definitely make you try new method of banga soup.

In the south eastern parts of Nigeria it is known as ofe akwu. Banga soup is native to Niger Delta. Over there, Banga soup is normally eating with various swallow like Fufu, Eba, plantain swallow, pounded yam etc.

While eating Banga soup prepared in any fast food with sharp pounded yam , never think is a difficult task. You too can by following procedure here

I learnt this flavorful soup from my mum. Oh my God you need to taste her ofe akwu 😋, extremely savory.

I want to drop my own secret of tasty banga soup. If you still want to know more about banga, we have banga stew here.

Any ways, even if you don’t like banga soup, give this method a try and you will not regret it.

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This is ofe akwu with bitter leave.

Ingredient for banga soup

  1. Palm fruits
  2. Fresh catfish
  3. Kpomo and stockfish
  4. mivina spice
  5. Chopped onion
  6. Fresh pepper ground
  7. Blended crayfish and Chicken
  8. Knorr cubes
  9. Blended ginger and garlic
  10. Crushed bitter leaves
  11. Banga spice
  12. Salt to taste

How do you extract palm fruit for banga soup?

  • Use at least 800g of palm fruit : Wash the palm fruit properly, put it in your cooking pot, pour enough water to cover and boil until the nuts get soft .
  • Put the palm fruit in the morter then pound. Continue Pounding till the husk comes off the seed.
  • Pour little water to it then squeeze the palm juice out of the kernels. Use a colander and sieve the juice into a clean pot.

Before you cook your banga soup

  • Catfish: 2-3 medium size fresh catfish or any fresh fish of your choice. (Wash it!properly cut it and set aside .
  • Kpomo goatmeat and stockfish: Stockfish of your chioce wash them, boil the kpomo till partially soft. Add the goat meat and stockfish , season them, cover and cook till tender then set aside.
  • Crushed bitter leaves: Wash them properly, squeeze out the water well, then set aside .

How to cook calaba banga soup with goat meat, chicken and catfish

  1. Combine the catfish, asorted, dry fish, crayfish, then add half of the onion, pepper, maggi cook till done.
  2. Cook the palm juice with a high heat, allow the water to dry up.
  3. . Add the already boiled catfish, kpomo, stockfish, chicken, and their stock to it.
  4. Add the Banga spice, knorr cubes, onion, pepper and salt to taste. Cover and allow it boil. When done add the bitter leave or scent leave and cook for 3mins.
  5. The favourite ofe akwu is ready, bring it down and serve.
  6. 6. Serve with fufu, garri, pounded yam, Amala or potato swallow.
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